Can a VPN impact my speeds?

When using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you are testing the speeds of the VPN connection not your internet connection. For accurate speed test results, make sure you switch off your VPN.

Can the frequency impact my speeds?

Your router has two frequencies, a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band. 2.4GHz provides range but not speed, and 5GHz provides speed but not range. Your Wi-Fi connection on a particular frequency band can also be faster or slower because of interference from other devices. Be aware of other devices in your home which may be using the same frequencies. Try to use the 5GHz if you can, as most modern devices will support this. Remember, the more devices you have connected, the more likely it is to slow the speed down.

Can the weather impact my speeds?

Believe it or not, the weather can also have an impact from time to time. If it’s extremely poor weather, such as a thunderstorm, you may see some change in your speeds.

Can certain devices impact my speeds?

Old devices can slow down performance so ensure your devices are up to date and protected from viruses. We also find devices like wifi printers cause a lot of issues. For the most reliable speed test, remove all of your devices to get a true speed to the router. Connect them up again one by one to check which ones are the culprits for eating your data

Will my speed be affected at peak times?

Please bear in mind that the service you are trying to access may have peak times. So for example, accessing your employers network or streaming may have peak times which may slow you down slightly. If you have concerns about your speeds, run a speed test at various times of the day. This gives us an understanding of when you may be receiving poor speeds to help us diagnose the issue.

Why might my speeds vary throughout the day?

Your speeds can vary for a number of reasons. You may have multiple devices operating in your home. Even those Alexa’s which are at the back of your mind are using an amount of data at all times. You may also have other users in your home who are using data. The speeds are to your router and then shared out amongst your devices, so if you have a lot of devices, such as gaming devices. 4K TV’s or smart home doorbells, they are all using your data.

Why are my speeds not reaching wifi devices?

When it comes to wifi and speeds, there are to many variables to give you an accurate reading. For example, some devices have a cap on the speed they can actually see. Typically you would see a maximum of 300Mbs on Wi-Fi (depending on your package). If you are trying a speed test on a wifi device, bear in mind the size of your home, the build of the walls and the distance to your router or Wi-Fi booster. Larger homes, or those using lots of devices, smart home technology or 4K viewing, will likely require the purchase of Wi-Fi boosters to help performance and coverage.

Am I on the correct speed package?

Depending on how many people ae in your home, using the broadband, how many devices you use, and your dependency on wifi, you might wish to consider a different package with us. Please speak to a member of our sales team who can advise you on the best package for you.

What if I am not getting the speeds I expect?

If you have checked all of the possible culprits (devices, frequency, users in your home, and have done a cable speed test, please send us the results using the form below, including a screenshot of the results page. We may call you to go through the steps you have taken to allow us to rule things out. If you send over a wifi speed test, we will ask you to submit another which has been performed using an ethernet cable.

How can I check the speeds I am receiving?

The speeds we provide are to your router, and these are then shared out amongst your devices. The only way to get an accurate speed test is to:

1. Turn off all the devices using the broadband in your home

  • Remember every phone, TV, smart home device etc. These are constantly streaming data, so a speed test isn’t going to give you an accurate result if these are still whirring in the background

2. Use an Ethernet cable to directly connect a computer into one of the sockets in the bottom of the router (if you are raising a concern about your speeds with Grain, we can only accept wired speed tests)

3. Go to and choose the Manchester – Grain Connect server, press go and let it do its thing for a few minutes. You will then be presented wit

Find out more about performing a speed test here.

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