You can get a phone line with all of our Hyperfast Broadband packages, for some packages it's even included...

What is VoIP Technology?

Voice Over IP is a telephone service which works directly over your internet connection. It uses the magic of your broadband to allow you to only have a phone line if needed. You still have a tradition telephone number, but the calls are made and received over the internet.

How do I get a Landline from Grain?

We provide voice over our Hyperfast Broadband Infrastructure.

Anytime UK calls for all packages from £6 per month.

There is no need to sign up to this straight away but if you would like to add it to your account get in touch with our team.

For more info please contact our team:

Register your interest: LINK

Phone: 0330 223 2266

Do I need to pay line rental?

Good News - because we dont use Openreach infrastructure, you do not need to pay line rental.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, we can normally port a number to our network, however, you need your existing provider account to be active and also be a Grain customer.
Don’t worry about any paperwork, our team is on hand to arrange the number port but please note it can take up to 14 days for use to receive the number so please book a number port early to avoid disappointment.
Once we have received the number from your previous provider you are then able to cancel the account with them.

Porting checklist

– Active account with your current service provider
– Active account with Grain
– Porting request has been submitted to Grain

How many handsets can I use?

You can connect only one base unit to your router but if you own a telephone with multiple handsets as part of a package then these talk to each other once the main unit is corrected.

Which calling features are available?

Call forwarding –you can forward calls to another number such as your mobile if you are expecting an urgent call but have to leave home.

Caller display – find out who is calling you. You will need to have a hand set which has a display screen. Depending on your handset you may be able to display the name of the person calling you.

Voicemail – not only can you receive voicemails to your home phone but unlike many other providers Grain is able to email you a copy of the recording, allowing you to access voicemails on the move!

International calls

With a number of free applications available to make Free International voice and video calls, we came to the conclusion we can't compete with FREE.

So here is a list of ways to make FREE international calls...

The good news is that your Hyperfast Connection will make these even better.


You can make and receive voice or video calls plus send SMS messages for free to anybody else with the app.

Even better, WhatsApp messages these are highly encrypted to keep your conversations private.

WhatsApp is available from the Android and the Apple app stores.


If you’re connecting to another Apple user, you can use the built-in FaceTime app.

FaceTime only works between two Apple devices.

Facetime is a pre-installed app on iPhones and available for download from Apples app store for all Apple computers.


Skype is a free app for Android, Apple, and Windows phones and computers.

You can voice call or video call to anybody else with the skype app for free Skype can be downloaded by either using the Android or the Apple store or by visiting Skype.

Paid For Service

If you still want to have a paid for service for making international calls, you can get a contract with providers of VOIP services such as SureVOIP or Vonage who will be able to offer this service to you direct.

Other Apps are available, we have just listed the most well known and trusted.

Getting your phone connected?

Step 1: Sign Up - If you have decided to take one of our phone packages, you will be able to connect your normal phone to our network. Speak to our team who can set your line up. (Remember - not all our packages come with a phone line)

Step 2: Registration - Once registered you will receive an email saying your phone number is ready. Note it may take up to 2 working days for this to register.

Step 3: Getting Connected - You simply need to connect the phone directly into the following slot in the bottom of your router:

This may require an adaptor like the one below...

There should be one of these already attached to your router but get in touch if you need another.

Note - We always recommend connecting your phone to the router initially to test it works. This avoids the possibility of faulty cabling throughout your home.

Once tested you can use the sockets throughout your home, but you MUST ensure that these are connected back to the correct slots in the router. This may require connecting a cable from the router to a wall socket to ensure the rest of the sockets are live.

For more info please contact our team:

Support Form: LINK


Phone: 0330 223 2266

What if my other sockets are not working?

If you have ensured you have connected the media plate back to the router and have no dial tone in the other sockets around your home, this would suggest there is a possible fault with internal wiring. Grain do not install your internal wiring so would advise speaking to your property developer (if it’s a new build home) of housing association (if it’s a housing association home).

How do I access my voicemail?

If you are on a call when someone else tries to call you, or you do not answer your phone within a set time, the caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail.

If your voicemail is set up with your email address, the message will be emailed to you. You can also use your phone and access your voicemail by dialling *97. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number, followed by #. You will be emailed with your pin and telephone number when your phone package is set up

What if my phone won't dial out?

Remember, unlike old style phonelines you need to dial the full number including the area code. Please check that the number you are trying to call is allowed with your chosen package.

As your phone works by using your broadband if you experience a power cut or a lost of internet service your phone will not work so we always recommend having a back up for emergencies (for example a mobile phone).

If you are still having issues with your phone, make sure you have installed you phone correctly into your router and try restarting your router by turning the power off for one minute, and back on again. If this does not resolve the issue, please get in touch with our team.

What if I am having an issue receiving calls?

Please ensure you have followed the correct steps to connect your phone. When receiving incoming calls, ensure that the person calling is using the full area code, even for local callers. If you have ensured the above and completed a test call yourself, please take a note of the number ringing (i.e. your mobile number) and the time of the call so our team can investigate further.

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