Full Home Wi-Fi Extender

Range Extender Installation Guide
  • Power up Wi-Fi Range Extender, near the Router and wait until the light starts flashing yellow.
  • Connect the Extender up to the Router using a Ethernet cable (There should be one supplied with Extender).
  • Once connected keep an eye on router and the Extender. The routers WiFi light should flash Green, Amber and Red and light on the Extender should flash white. When these lights start flashing it means that the Extender is copying the Configuration from router. Leave both router and the Extender wired in and powered up and wait for the lights to go solid again.
  • When the Extender is finished its configuration the light will go Solid White, disconnect the Extender from Ethernet cable and make sure the light goes Solid White again (or Blue). This is to confirm that the Extender can connect to the router via WiFi.
  • Move the Extender to desired location, allow a few minutes for it to power up and check to make sure light is solid white (or Blue) and Your devices are able to connect to the Extender and get internet. If the light doesn’t go solid after 5 minutes, try rebooting both the router and the Extender.

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