Broadband & Router

Incorrect Password?

If you're having troubles connecting to your Wi-Fi network...

As a first port of call check you have the right password.

Search "Welcome to Grain" in your emails, you should have an email from us providing you with the details of your password.

Please note it IS case sensitive.

If you still can't find it or it isn't working, please get in touch and we can help.

For more info please contact our team:

Online Support Form: CLICK HERE


Phone: 0330 223 2266

How to activate my Ethernet ports

The Grain router is equipped with 4 Gigabit capable Ethernet ports.

Please note - During the Free Trial these ports are NOT enabled.

Should you wish to enable these ports you will need to take one of the Grain Packages.

For more info please contact our team:

Online Support Form: CLICK HERE


Phone: 0330 223 2266

Broadband Troubleshooting

Broadband is the connection from the internet to the router in your home, our point to point full fibre network makes it fairly easy to diagnose issues between your router and the internet.

Are you getting any connection at all?

If yes, skip to Step 3

If no, let's work one by one through the lights to see what's wrong. (We are assuming you are using your mobile data or a neighbour's connection to get on this website)

Step 1) Check if the Power Light Is On: (follow this link to find the Power Light on your router)

This is the left-hand light on the router, if it’s shining green then skip to Step 2, if not…

a) Check the power cable into the router is secure and its turned on at the wall socket.

b) If it still isn’t shining try another socket you know works.

c) If you have done this and it still doesn’t light up then there may be an issue with the router. Why not raise a ticket with our support team on the form at the end of the page or call on 0330 223 2266.

Step 2) Check if the Connection Light is on: (follow this link to find the Connection Light on your router)

This is the second from left light, if it’s shining green then skip to Step 3, if it isn’t then also check the router is firmly clicked into the wall plate, look for any damaged cables into the router.

At this point if the light is still off, it’s probably worth giving us a call on 0330 223 2266 or raising a ticket using the Support form at the bottom of the page.

Step 3) The router is getting connection but you're not.

At this point we need to work out if it is a broadband service issue or it is an in-home wireless issue. To do that we need to run out a cabled SPEED TEST.

See here for how to run a speed test

What is my data limit?

Good News - We don't do data limits.

So fill your boots with as much content as you like!

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