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Problems with your broadband?

No connection

If you have no Internet and are viewing this page on a different connection (eg a mobile data plan or a neighbour’s broadband) then fill in the form below and we’ll look into it for you, to get you online again as quickly as possible.

Slow connection

It’s important that you’re getting the maximum benefit from your chosen connection. You can test this yourself, but to be sure that the figures you’re seeing are accurate we ask that you run a ‘wired speed test’ (as speeds over WiFi can be affected by a number of different factors).

To carry out a wired speed test, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all the devices that are connected to the Internet in your home
  2. Plug your computer directly into the router using an Ethernet cable
  3. Turn off the computer’s WiFi and check you are connected
  4. Go to and click Begin test

If the speed is more than 15% below what you’re expecting, send us the results using the form below (ideally a screenshot of the results page) and we will look into it.

Problems with your phone service?

In the rare occurrence that we have an issue with our phone system, please use the form below to send us details of the call you had issues with. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure you provide an alternative telephone number (eg mobile) in case we need to speak to you.

Problems with your TV service?

Our unlimited broadband offers endless high definition access to entertainment streamed over the Internet. To make this even easier we have teamed up with Sky to deliver their content over our network. This means you don’t need a dish on your home or to wait for a Sky Engineer to install it.

Unfortunately we don’t have any control over Sky’s entertainment content so you’ll need to get in touch with them directly to discuss any issues.

How do I connect my telephone?

We provide voice over the internet protocol service (VoIP). You don’t need any additional technology, just plug in your normal handset and if you have signed up for a phone package, you will receive signal immediately.

Are there any early termination fees?

Normally you would need to cover the remainder of the contract as per our terms and conditions.

Will my speed be affected at peak times?

No. Grain equips each home with its own fibre connection which means that your speed will not be affected by other users and your download speed will be what you signed up for.

Is the speed I signed up for guaranteed?

Yes. Grain is an uncontended network and the speed we deliver is guaranteed. As long as your devices' aerials are large and advanced enough to receive it, you will be able to surf online and download with hyperfast speed. 

What is the data limit?

You can download as much as you like, there is no data limit so you can go ahead and expand your film library.

Will the price package I signed up for change?

No. The price for the contract you have signed up for is guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Upon renewal, there will be slight increase to reflect market changes and inflation.

Can I change my billing date?

We offer two possible options, 1st or 14th of the month. You can choose which date you’d like your direct debit collected when you first sign up. If you wish to change the date from one to the other, you’d need to contact our accounts team on

I don't have enough money in my account?

No worries, if the payment would bounce for any reason, another payment request will be submitted within 3 working days

Can I pay by standing order or BACS?

Usually we accept only payments via direct debit. For any outstanding charges, you can pay by card, please contact our accounts team on

Can I use my own router?

Grain routers are the most powerful and advanced routers approved by Ofcom which means it can support the full fibre network. This is why we cannot allow using alternative routers.

I am moving house, what do I do now?

If we deliver to your new address, you can take your Grain package with you. 

I wish to cancel my contract.

We are sorry to hear you are leaving us. If you wish to cancel you will need to cover the cost for the remainder of your contract.

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