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Life Without Limits

Bedroom 1Publish your latest vlog (video blog) in UltraHD.

Bedroom 2Download, play and livestream the latest games with superfast ping times.

Study / Home OfficeSend large files to work colleagues during a video call.

Living RoomWatch multiple 4K TV streams with absolutely no buffering.

KitchenConnect all your devices simultaneously, even at peak times.

Increasingly, we rely on technology to make everything work. Grain delivers the power that our digital lives demand, and handles it all with ease.

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True Fibre Networks

Grain broadband networks are unlike any other. When we say fibre we really mean it – a continuous fibre connection all the way to the router in your home.

This infrastructure delivers the UK's fastest broadband speed, up to 1000Mb for both upload and download, with superfast ‘ping’ times (ask the video gamer in your life what that means).

Is your current network holding you back?

Hyperfast, Supereasy

Let’s say you have 100GB of photos that you want to upload to an online storage service like Dropbox. Using a Grain 1000Mb connection you’d be finished in around 15 minutes. The average UK upload speed is less than 4Mb – the same task would still be uploading over 60 hours later!

And because our networks are actively managed for optimum performance, we ensure that you get the speed you are paying for, even at the busiest times.

Today, more and more entertainment is streamed on demand from content providers, making a hyperfast broadband connection more important than ever (especially when everyone’s watching something different).

Plus, in selected locations we have teamed up with Sky to deliver a year’s worth of Box Sets Bundle Sky TV (including a 1TB Sky Q box) for only £25 per month. That’s a third off!

A high quality phone service comes included with every Grain package, including free evening and weekend calls. There’s no extra line rental to pay. You can plug your existing telephone directly into the Grain router, and if you’re moving within a single area code we can transfer your old number across.

Also, if you make a lot of calls during the day, you can upgrade to our ‘Anytime’ calls package for just £5 extra per month.

How we compare

Prices including line rental, based on a 12 month contract.

Product Download Speed Upload Speed Data Limits Calls Included Setup / Router Monthly Cost
Grain 100 100Mb More 100Mb None Evening / Weekend Free £24.95
BT Broadband 17Mb More 2Mb 12Gb Weekend Only £9.99 £24.991
Grain 300 300Mb More 300Mb None Evening / Weekend Free £29.95
BT Infinity 1 52Mb More 5Mb 25Gb Weekend Only £59.99 £29.992
Grain 600 600Mb More 600Mb None Evening / Weekend Free £39.95
BT Infinity 2 76Mb More 7Mb 25Gb Weekend Only £29.99 £44.993
Grain 1000 1000Mb More 1000Mb None Evening / Weekend Free £59.95

Figures correct as of March 2017

1 for 12 months, then £35.99

2 for 12 months, then £42.49

3 for 12 months, then £53.99

The Grain Difference

Delivering hyperfast speeds as high as 1000Mb, with no drop in performance at peak times. Infrastructure that can adapt to meet changing needs.

Stream Ultra HD content on multiple devices simultaneously. Our networks enable entertainment providers to deliver the best version of their service.

No copper cables, our telephone service is delivered over the same fibre optic connection, so there’s no additional line rental to pay.

Our UK-based dedicated Grain support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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“We had our connection ready and waiting for us on the day we moved in. Just what we needed after a big move — and it’s so fast and reliable.”

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