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True Fibre Networks

Installing the UK’s most advanced broadband network into your community not only strengthens your offer, but also supports your position as a leading developer.

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We design, build, install and operate hyperfast broadband networks in communities throughout the UK.

Each network delivers a dedicated fibre path to every home, unlike even other full fibre networks not shared with any other user.

In addition, our actively managed network ensures a reliable and congestion-free connection for all your customers.

Working in

  • Apartments
  • Housing developments
  • Build-to-Rent
  • Regeneration
  • Student Housing

How we work

  • Design
  • Integrate
  • Install
  • Operate
  • Maintain

Design Integration

We provide everything you need. Network designs are overlaid onto your existing CAD drawings, following the routes you choose.

Project Management

Being proactive, our dedicated project manager is there to pick up issues before they happen. After all, telecoms is considered a utility these days.

Live on Day 1

Our service is live the day the customer walks through the door. All they need to do is enter the password on the router and they are good to go. We even throw in a FREE trial.

Commercial Benefit

Talk to us today and we can provide you with a number of ways to ensure your business benefits from this great service, from marketing to set up costs.

Grain solution

Current UK Networks

Hyperfast, Supereasy

Our broadband changes the way your customers work and play. Downloading games, uploading video, working from home – it all happens without a second thought.

More and more entertainment is streamed by customers on demand directly from content providers like Netflix and Amazon. We also team up with Sky to deliver 18 month’s worth of Sky TV Subscription (including a 1TV Sky Q box) from as little as £19/month. And no dishes required!

A high quality phone service is available as an add-on to every Grain package. It includes anytime calls and your customers can plug their existing telephone directly into the Grain router.

One Pipe, Multiple Opportunities

  • Site/Sales office communications
  • Building Management Systems
  • Alarm, CCTV & Lift control
  • Access control systems
  • Disabled and elderly alarm systems
  • Intelligent parking systems
  • Community street lighting
  • Community messaging & intranet
Happy people
“Overall extremely impressed, the reliability of the speed is fantastic. So glad we made the choice, and the install staff were great.”

Nicholas Barnes

Mutual Benefit

The precise terms of our relationship will depend on the specific nature of your community. Most commonly we agree a payment for every unit connected to our network, but we can also explore more creative commercial terms that fit with your commercial objectives.

We aim to deliver the best service, both to you as developers and to our shared customers. We will work closely with you and your team from the outset to build and operate a network you can be proud of.

Outstanding value

Most households connected to a Grain network have a choice between us and BT (or a distributor of the BT network). Let’s see how we compare.

Product Download Speed Upload Speed Data Limits Calls Included Setup / Router Monthly Cost
Grain 50 50Mb More 50Mb None Free £25
BT Broadband 17Mb More 2Mb None Weekend Only £9.99 £24.991
Grain 300 300Mb More 300Mb None Free £33
BT Infinity 1 52Mb More 9.5Mb 30Gb Weekend Only £9.99 £24.992
Grain 1000 1000Mb More 1000Mb None Anytime Free £55
BT Infinity 2 76Mb More 19.5Mb None Weekend Only £9.99 £39.993

Figures correct as of March 2018

1 for 18 months, then £42.99

2 for 18 months, then £34.99

3 for 18 months, then £56.49

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